Workshop on Organizational Models Leg. Dec. 231/2001

        Successful workshop, moderated by Mr. Fabbri (Engineer) of Consulgroup, who examined the theme of Organizational Models LEG.DEC. 231/2001 in front of numerous participants, the majority from the Multi-utility sector.
        The theme of the debate was analyzed from a legal, business and judicial perspective.
        Galeota, a lawyer and Professor of the University of Camerino, outlined the administrative responsibility of Public Bodies; Eng. Di Giacomo of Consulgroup described the consulting model adopted in the various experiences handled; Mr. Ciotti and Mr. Servadio, respectively General Manager and Personnel Manager of Multiservizi Spa, shared their own successful experience in establishing a model of exemption. Mr. Picardi, Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office of Ascoli Piceno, communicated the current state of the art as regards the examination and sanctions mentioning the last judgements and case law. The conference drew to a close with a lively debate which saw the involvement of the majority of speakers present.

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