• Setting the right rhythm of production.
    Optimizing resources to achieve your goals.


  • For a mechanism to work perfectly each cog must complete its function according to its role.
    We at Consulgroup know how to optimize resources, cut costs, increase the productivity and efficiency of your enterprise.

  • Lean production model

    If you want to speed up production, reduce costs and inventory whilst ensuring high quality, we recommend you adopt the lean production model: “lean” production ensured the success of Toyota and is now recognized as a model of excellence for its effectiveness.

    Re-organizing logistics and the value chain

    Logistics is a key aspect for any company oriented to customer satisfaction.
    We can ensure you will improve inventory management by optimizing storage, distribution of goods and transport costs. This vision needs to extend to the whole value chain, sharing information and management logic with clients and suppliers: collaboration helps to overcome challenges.

    Development of industrial synergies

    A company may diversify its business, may change its industrial model or acquire other companies.
    In all these cases it is good to know how to take full advantage of the technological, organizational, managerial and marketing synergies that can develop between the different elements involved.
    With our help, such synergies become competitive advantages for your company.

  • Production development and industrialisation

    Swift development of new products at competitive costs requires systemized organization and methodologies that can handle the unexpected.
    We work alongside you in helping to extend your offer, streamline the supply chain, facilitate large scale manufacturing and launch your product quickly.

    Information systems for control and management

    If a computer can do it, the company’s organization will not have to do it.
    The introduction of innovative IT systems in production and logistics departments helps to reduce and manage every step, controlling materials, products and processes.

    Integrated management systems and Leg. Dec. 231/01

    The quality control of product and processes (Iso 9001) has expanded to include Environmental Impact Management (Iso 14001), and the protection of Companies under criminal law for corporate crimes, against Public Administrations, the environment or regarding safety at work and so on (Legislative Decree 231/01). We create Integrated Systems and complete existing ones to improve, manage and control every aspect of business operations.

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