Development of foreign markets and internationalization of Italian Industrial Companies

Within the scope of foreign market development and internationalization of Italian industrial companies, Consulgroup has the opportunity to work with leaders in the Automotive and Household appliance sector operating with plants in Eastern Europe, which require different kinds of component supplies.

The socio-political-economic conditions and industrial policies of several Eastern countries are extremely interesting and favourable for those interested in internationalizing their industrial activities and entering markets with a strong internal demand and an equally serious shortage of internal production.

Consulgroup is looking for industrial partners interested in these opportunities

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On this particular theme, we highlight the seminar entitled “L’arte dell’innovazione“ (The art of innovation), organized in Milan by Associazione Conoscere Eurasia Eurasia and by the International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg. It will summarize the sphere on which the Russian leadership is focusing, in search of ideas in innovation to re-launch their economy and the added value which Italy can offer in this search.

For more information refer to the article in the Sole 24 Ore newspaper of 4th March 2016 “Un contratto per investire in Russia“.

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