Re-organization of processes and production layout for earth-moving machine producer


The Client works in the earth-moving machine sector. Business growth had increased assembly activities and management of materials occupying all the available space. The challenge was to recover efficiency.


Consulgroup performed a flow analysis of materials and of activities carried out internally formulating an important action plan to redesign the materials and components warehouse and review production layout


    • Planning of new warehouse layout, purchase and assembly of new equipment.


    • Introduction of bar code reading technology to manage movements in real time.


    • Warehouse mapping with management of storage locations.


    • Review of all the management programs/printouts to support reception, storage and retrieval of materials.


    • Outsourcing of production activities with less added value to dedicate more space to assembly and testing.


    • Staff training.




The efficiency of the retrieval activity has increased by 25%. Production shortage has been reduced by 17%. The volume of managed material has risen by 20% and the number of machines installed by 19%.