Internal re-organization of a company of mechanical processing for third parties


The Client carries out third party activities in the mechanical processing sector. The increase in assets and turnover had highlighted organizational shortcomings which threatened the level of service and quality of operations.


Consulgroup redefined the organizational structure of the production departments and of the business services accelerating the transfer of activities from “manual” management to “computerized” management. The key to success was the involvement of the entrepreneur and the willingness of the employees to change.


    • Organizational restructuring with the allocation of roles and duties.


    • Estimate calculation tools.


    • Review of the industrial cost formulation system.


    • MRP and CRP management for logistics and productive activities.


    • Monitoring production department efficiency.


    • Business Intelligence System.


    • Quality control and customer care procedures.




Smoother order processing which is not staff dependant. Product non-conformity has been reduced by 40% generating greater customer satisfaction.