Feasibility study to merge two public utility companies


The Clients are two “multi-utility” companies of the Marches that wished to understand their organizational structures and profitability of each service area; subsequently, they requested the feasibility study for their aggregation and consequent operational support. Their intent was to set up a single, larger company with an enlarged user basin; incorporate the service provision activities; increase profitability and aspire to subsequent mergers with more structured Italian companies.


Consulgroup has defined the organisational model of the new company identifying the necessary synergies for its implementation and indicating the technical-corporate procedures


    • Indication of the new Organisational Structure.


    • Definition of Governance and reporting system.


    • Economic- asset evaluation of the business units to combine.


    • Definition of corporate project and necessary operations.


    • Post-merger assistance with focus on management monitoring system and synergy recovery




The project was approved and launched within a few months.